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  • "AMAZING! is the word I choose to use to describe the photos, you did capture some really key moments in the be honest, the show only lasts 45 minutes but the pictures are the things we use to make people wonder what they missed. Thanks again!" - Devin H.
    "When I saw Irene's photographs on the completed order, they filled me with such a spirit of joy and lightness. I just could not stop admiring them (and myself!) They are utterly sensational, and out of this world!" - Jennifer H.
  • "Hi Irene, just had to tell you that the photos are absolutely MAGNIFICENT- wow! Excellent work, stunning models." - Jenni
    "Congratulations, Irene, on the cover of All About Cats in South Africa! To those of you who can't see the cover, it is a shot of a darling kitten and makes one want to pick up the magazine and read it. Kudos to you, Irene, and thank you for the kind words about my photography!" - Helmi Flick
  • "Hi Irene! I think you've done brilliantly with such an unhelpful feline! I like the pictures very much indeed. Well done! They're great and to complete them in such a short time is nothing short of a miracle! I know we all appreciate it very much. Thank you again!" - Noreen A.
    "I've looked at your work and I stand in awe of it. You are a very, very talented photographer. I wish I had half the skills that you possess. Your web site contains an amazing array of galleries which I found very interesting. Warm regards" - Ian J.
  • "I've been admiring your gallery for a couple weeks now, and couldn't think of a better person to publicize. Thank you for sharing your gift with both animals and a camera with me, I could literally look through your photos for hours. Your lighting and colors - They're just perfect every time! Absolutely stunning. Good luck in all your future endeavours! Most sincerely "- Cassidy