The Cape of Storms : Green Point Lighthouse

Welcome to the Cape of Storms!

Having grown up in Cape Town and going for walks along the Sea Point promenade from a young age, the Green Point lighthouse has been a familiar sight and part of my landscape since the days of the Dolls House that used to be across the road. Despite its presence, the lighthouse has not prevented several ship wrecks, notably the Seafarer that ran aground literally right in front of it in 1966.

Green Point Lighthouse Aerial

Green Point Lighthouse   Green Point Lighthouse Interior  Green Point Lighthouse

Checking its history ( I found out that it was the first lighthouse constructed on solid land in South Africa. It was lit for the first time on 12 April 1824 using a single-wick Argand lamp and sperm whale oil as fuel, with light reflected by highly polished parabolic reflectors. The rays could be seen at a distance of only six nautical miles.

It was extended in 1865 to its present height of 20m. It went electric in 1929 and currently the light power produced is 850 000 candelas, which can be seen for 25 sea miles.


The interior houses some museum pieces behind glass on the beautifully gleaming stone floor downstairs.

Green Point Lighthouse  Green Point Lighthouse

Being such an iconic landmark, the lighthouse has inspired art.

Mural by 24 year old Brazilian "Doce Fsc", Somerset Road, Green Point  Green Point Lighthouse Mosaic near Stadium

Like most South African lighthouses, it is open to the public and at a nominal fee you are permitted to take a self-guided tour to the very top, after signing an indemnity form.

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5 Responses to The Cape of Storms : Green Point Lighthouse

  1. Marleen says:

    Lovely layout with stunning pictures and a informative reminder of what we may have already forgotten.

  2. Allan Theron says:

    Hi Irene
    I could have replied via FB but decided to use this option instead. Great article on the oldest lighthouse and super pics. I (embarrassingly) say this that I have not been into the lighthouse (even as a tourist guide) but after seeing this, I shall make a point in going.


  3. Doug Morton says:

    Some really lovely shots there, Irene. The last time I was there was 1984, and I’d really love to do it again. Much as I love my own KZN back yard, I envy you folks the stuff you have there. Thank you for sending it this way.

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