The lengthy heat wave

After a week of temp’s in the high 30’s and into the 40’s C, lethargy has overtaken me and I wasn’t sure whether my legs were still able to walk.  Waking up this morning – Sunday – I was delighted to see mist over the sea and got up early.  When I stepped onto the balcony, I saw our two girls sleeping next to each other like furry silver balls

I left at 7am for an hour’s walk around our area on the slopes of Table Mountain and was  pleased to have only encountered one other person (a dogwalker) on the entire route.  When walking I travel light, so no camera except for mah BlackBerreh :-)

Rounding a corner I came upon an unusual sight for this part of town:

Right next to a more typical Camps Bay mansion

When I came home I was greeted by Ziggy our elegant white cat

Thereafter we headed off for a stroll down Milnerton market  – always fun and always guaranteed to turn out something interesting!

I wished I had a dog… to justify an excuse for buying this funky rubber toy!

And in what universe could I possibly find a use for this red mini violin?

(thanks to BB Torch for all the photos displayed here)

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